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Galvanised steel roller shutter doors can be used for a wide variety of applications. They are perfect for back yards, shop fronts and factory units. Each door is purpose made to our customers sizes and to the specification which they require.

Steel roller shutters are very versatile and come with various options, so they can be designed to suit our customers needs. We can offer different thickness of steel - depending on the size of the door; a perforated lath section which is ideal for showrooms, as it has small holes throughout, allowing customers good vision; either a galvanised finish or polyester power coated finish. We offer a choice of either single phase motors which are operated by key switch, remote control or rocker switch and 3-phase motors which come with a pre-wired low voltage push button station. All motors come with internal manual override facility as standard.

Our standard door curtain is manufactured from 22swg galvanised steel lath which is suitable for the majority of commercial applications, as well as offering a high security alternative for back yards. However for very large doors, or doors fitted in very windy areas, we can offer a heavier 20swg steel lath for the curtain and wider guide tracks or wind lock guides.

The bottom of the door will be fitted with either a T or L section bottom rail for added strength.

Our canopies are made from 18swg galvanised steel coil and then formed to make up to a 6 metre continuous length. For anything larger than 6 metres, they would be joined.

The galvanised steel finish does not generally rust but does dull over time. Polyester powder coating is available to any standard RAL or BS numbers as an alternative finish but does increase the price of the doors substantially. An alternative would be to paint the doors but a good primer would be needed.

There are a number of ways in which the doors can be fitted face fix to the inside of the building; face fix to the outside ( a canopy would be needed); fitted between the reveal or a combination of face and reveal fix.

We would be pleased to offer any advice or queries which you may have.

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